UAE Polo Federation

AM Polo and Zedan Polo to Compete at the Subsidiary Final of the Gold Cup 2022 Dubai Open

AM Polo and Zedan Polo
AM Polo and Zedan Polo

The first match of the subsidiary semi-finals opened with a goal from the patron of AM Polo – Sheikha Alia Al Maktoum. Alejandro Muzzio closed the first chukker with a 2-goal lead for the team. Ghantoot Polo scored 3 goals during the second with a goal from its lead player – Yousef bin Desmal. AM Polo was still at the lead by halftime and further increased its goal advantage during the penultimate chukker. The Urquiza brothers capped the last chukker with two goals that sealed the win for AM Polo at 9 goals to 7.

Match progression: 2 – 0 | 4 – 3 | 5 – 4 | 7 – 5 | 9 – 7
Top scorers: Sheikha Alia Al Maktoum, Benjamin Urquiza, Pablo Llorente, 3 goals.

The next game between Zedan Polo and Bangash Dodson & Horrell teams was a close fight from the start with Zedan taking the lead in the first chukker. The opposing team’s patron – Haider Bangash – slid in a goal and the teams were tied at the end of the second. Bangash Dodson & Horrell team managed to shift the lead to its side by halftime. The teams were at a tie again mid of the fourth chukker but Haider managed to keep the narrow advantage with a goal he delivered from the throw-in. The determining chukker had seen Tomas Panelo snatch the win for Zedan Polo as he scored 3 consecutive goals closing the game at 9 goals to 7.

Match Progression: 2 – 1 | 3 – 3 | 4 – 5 | 6 – 7 | 9 – 7
Top scorer: Tomas Panelo, 6 goals