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Ghantoot Polo and Dubai Wolves to Compete at the Bentley Subsidiary Final of the IFZA Gold Cup 2023

Ghantoot Polo and Dubai Wolves
Ghantoot Polo and Dubai Wolves

The Subsidiary Semifinal of the IFZA Gold Cup 2023 was a clash between Clinova Noa Captital Polo vs. Ghantoot Polo and Mahra by AIX Investment Group Polo vs. Dubai Wolves by CAFU polo teams. 

The first match of the subsidiary semi-finals opened with a goal from Facundo Llorente, with a superb pass by Tomas Iriarte, ending the first chukker in favor of Clinova Noa Capital Polo. Facundo Llorente and Benjamin Panelo continued to keep their teams in the lead until the second chukker, with a score of 5-4. The match remained closely contested throughout, and the Patron of Ghantoot Polo, Nasser Al Shamsi, managed to tie the score just before halftime, bringing the score to 6-all. As both teams continued to score and the clock ticked on, the penultimate chukker saw yet another tied score of 9 all. Ultimately, it was Pablo Llorente Jr. who scored the winning goal, leading his team to victory.

Match Progression:
1 – 3 | 4 – 5 | 6 – 6 | 9 – 9 | 11 – 10

Top Scorer: Benjamin Panelo – 6 goals

The polo match between Mahra by AIX Investment Group and Dubai Wolves by CAFU teams was dominated by the latter, with the Wolves leading from the first chukker after Carlos Ulloa scored a spectacular goal. In the second chukker, Ulloa scored his 4th goal, and continued to lead his team in the third. In the penultimate chukker, Felix Carlos Esain scored two more goals for Mahra Polo, but despite their efforts, it was the Dubai Wolves who emerged victorious and defeated Mahra Polo by the score of 9 goals to 5, heading to the Subsidiary Final to face Ghantoot Polo.

Match Progression:
3 -1 | 6 – 2 | 8 – 3 | 8 – 5 | 9 – 5
Top Scorer:  Carlos Ulloa – 8 goals

The IFZA Gold Cup 2023 Semi Final is on 1st March at Al Habtoor Polo Club:
14:15 | UAE Polo vs. AM Polo| Field 3
16:15 | IFZA Habtoor Polo vs. Bangash Dodson & Horrell Polo | Field 1