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Habtoor Polo Remain Undefeated and Ghantoot Marks First Win at the Gold Cup 2022 Dubai Open

Habtoor Polo
Habtoor Polo

Habtoor Polo advances to the semifinals

The fifth day of the tournament saw a nail-biting finish during the Habtoor Polo – Zedan Polo team match. The game opened with a goal from Juan Jauretche, and Mohammed Al Habtoor, the patron of the Habtoor Polo team, ended it at 2 goals to nil. It took Zedan Polo team two chukkers for their prowess to yield results as they had the lead at a 2-goal advantage by halftime. The succeeding chukkers were neck and neck, with the lead shifting between the two teams. The teams were at a tie at 9 goals near the end of the final chukker with the win in the hands of Bautista Bayugar’s penalty shot. He missed but redeemed himself by scoring the golden goal and taking the win for the Habtoor Polo team.

Match progression: 2 – 0 | 3 – 1 | 6 – 4 | 7 – 7 | 9 – 9 | 10 -9
Top scorer: Bautista Bayugar, 6 goals

The next match earned Ghantoot Polo its first win as they beat Bangash Dodson & Horrell. The team had shown dominance from the first chukker and marked a comfortable goal lead of 5 goals by the end of the third chukker. Ghantoot Polo continued to widen the gap in scores and closed the match with 12 goals.

Match progression: 3 – 0 | 6 – 1 | 7 – 2 | 10 – 3 | 12 – 5
Top scorer: Marcos Araya, 7 goals

On the 23rd of February, UAE Polo will play against AM Polo at 14:00 followed by a match between Dubai Wolves by CAFU and Abu Dhabi Polo at 16:00, on Field 3 of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.