UAE Polo Federation

Bhansali Polo and Habtoor Polo captured the spotlight at the Dubai Challenge Cup 2024

The subsidiary final of the Dubai Challenge Cup 2024 commenced with a thrilling clash between Habtoor Polo and Power Horse – PBS Polo. Right from the outset, the intensity of competition was palpable, with Alvaro Scherb of Power Horse – PBS Polo notching the first goal. Displaying remarkable consistency, Scherb maintained his stellar performance, backed by solid teamwork from his companions. Despite the relentless efforts of Power Horse – PBS Polo, Habtoor Polo demonstrated exceptional teamwork, managing to level the score and execute a solid defensive strategy, ultimately securing victory in the qualifying match of the Dubai Challenge Cup 2024.

Match Progression: Habtoor Polo vs. Power Horse – PBS Polo
0 – 1.5 | 2 – 2.5 | 4 – 3.5 | 6 – 4.5

The final match commenced between Bhansali Polo and El Basha Polo. The initial moments of the match unfolded with intense energy as both teams were determined to score and maintained strong defensive plays. Gonzalo Santamarina of Bhansali Polo exhibited exceptional skill, consistently contributing to his team’s score and establishing stability early on receiving help from his teammates. Meanwhile, Tomas Iarte of El Basha Polo making sure they answer back with securing goals too. The match remained tightly contested and highly charged, with a narrow score gap, resulting in the win for Bhansali Polo in Dubai Challenge Cup 2024.

Match Progression: Bhansali Polo vs. El Basha Polo
1.5 – 1 | 3.5 – 3 | 4.5 – 4 | 6.5 – 5 

Mr. Mohammed Khalaf Al Habtoor, President of the UAE Polo Federation honored and presented the awards to the teams of the day; Manuel Pérez was the Most Valuable Player, Azul as the Best Playing Pony.