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Habtoor Polo and UAE Polo Make a Striking Mark on Day One of Silver Cup 2024

Silver Cup 2024
Silver Cup 2024

The 14th edition of the Silver Cup tournament will see four teams compete on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Club until the 3rd of February 2024.

The opening match witnessed a face-off between Habtoor Polo and Bangash Polo teams. Right from the start, the game unfolded as a highly competitive encounter. Tomasito Llorente of Bangash Polo netted the first goal, countered swiftly by Bautista Bayugar, securing the initial goal for Habtoor Polo. Despite the spirited effort, Bangash claimed the lead at the end of the first chukker.

During the second chukker, Habtoor Polo displayed remarkable teamwork, led by Jose Araya who scored the initial goal, strongly supported by his teammates. Habtoor Polo sustained their scoring momentum throughout the match. Despite Tomasito Llorente’s determined play presenting a challenge, Habtoor Polo’s strategic approach and collaborative effort prevailed, ultimately securing their first victory in the Silver Cup 2024.

Match Progression: Habtoor Polo vs. Bangash Polo

1 – 1.5 | 2- 2.5| 4 – 3.5 | 9 – 6.5 | 13 – 9.5

Top scorer: Bautista Bayugar

The following match commenced between UAE Polo and the Dubai Wolves by CAFU. Tommy Beresford initiated the scoring with the first goal for UAE Polo. Despite this, Dubai Wolves by CAFU showcased their determination and commitment to victory, with Benjamin Panelo contributing to the team’s score. While Dubai Wolves initially seemed to have the advantage, in the closing minutes of the game, UAE Polo, with their exceptional teamwork, compelled the match into overtime by leveling the score in the last chukker, ultimately securing the win.

Match Progression: Dubai Wolves by CAFU vs. UAE Polo

0 – 2 | 2- 2| 3 – 4 | 7 – 4 | 8 – 8 | 8-9

Top scorer: Tommy Beresford.

Match Replay: