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Habtoor Polo claims victory: A resounding win in the prestigious UAE National Day Cup 2023 Finals

UAE National Day Cup 2023
UAE National Day Cup 2023

In a spectacular showcase of skill, sportsmanship, and equestrian excellence, the highly anticipated finals of the UAE National Day Cup drew to a thrilling close. The prestigious tournament spanned a week, bringing together elite teams and passionate polo enthusiasts for an exhilarating celebration of the sport.

In a nail-biting subsidiary final, the Bin Drai faced off against TCF-Wolves. The match was a gripping display of skill and determination, leaving guests on the edge of their seats. The intensity of the game was evident from the outset as Rashid Bin Drai notched up an early score, setting the tone for a closely contested battle. However, the TCF-Wolves demonstrated resilience and teamwork that proved instrumental in maintaining momentum and narrowing the score gap. As the match progressed, Tomas Iarte’s exceptional contributions became increasingly apparent, with his strategic expertise on the field inspiring his team to forge ahead. Despite the initial setback, TCF-Wolves rallied under Iarte’s guidance, showcasing their expertise and determination to secure victory.

Match Progression:

Bin Drai vs. TCF-Wolves

1 – 1 | 3 – 2 | 4 – 3 | 4 – 6

The finals between Habtoor Polo and Bangash delivered a thrilling match as the two teams engaged in pulse-pounding match, exchanging scores from the opening moments until the final whistle. The intense rivalry began with a dynamic start as Federico Von Potobsky of Bangash secured the first score, setting the tone for an action-packed showdown. However, Santos Iarte of Habtoor Polo demonstrated exceptional resilience, swiftly responding with his own impressive plays to level the score and exemplified the unwavering commitment of the Habtoor Polo team to secure victory. In a climax that had the crowd roaring with anticipation, Habtoor Polo emerged triumphant in the final moments of the UAE National Day Cup 2023 Finals, seizing victory under the distinguished leadership of Vice Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, Mr. Mohammed Khalaf Al Habtoor.

Adding to the anticipation and prestige of the UAE National Day Cup 2023 Finals, Mr. Martin Pederson, the Chairman of IFZA and one of the league’s primary sponsors, honored the players and the winning team. Facundo Kelly was honored as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the UAE National Day Cup 2023 Finals, while Fanática ridden by Juan Cruz Guevara received the distinction of being the Best Playing Pony.

Match Progression:

Habtoor Polo vs. Bangash
2.5 – 3 | 3.5– 4 | 4.5 – 4 | 6.5 – 6